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Simply The Right Tool For The Job
OnlyOneQuoteTM is the only system available today that saves you time and money managing, analyzing, and documenting your quote submissions to customers. OnlyOneQuoteTM manages your quotations process more efficiently, saving precious time and resources, providing you with fast and easy access and visibility to quotes you’ve submitted and enabling you to get the work done faster than ever before. This system doesn’t require you to invest in expensive software or computer hardware. In addition, the OnlyOneQuoteTM system is extremely easy for anyone to use; no IT consultants are needed! In fact, it’s so easy you can literally create and send your first quote within ten minutes of signing on for the first time! And It's Powerful… OnlyOneQuoteTM allows you to manage multiple requests for quotation, track prices and profitability, keep a detailed history of quotations, and have as reference all the necessary records …forever! And you can do it from any internet connection!
OnlyOneQuoteTM Is Not:
  • A software estimating program…but you can use the OnlyOneQuoteTM system in conjunction with the one you use today!
  • An ERP or inventory management program…
  • An online auction or "purchase over the web" supplier program.
The OnlyOneQuoteTM system is complementary to your current preferred software and solutions, not a substitute. It enables you to stick with your trusted vendors and suppliers. In fact, nothing with your quote submission process changes - just do it better, faster and smarter!